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Abhivyakti-In Marathi it means Sampurna Prakatikaran

That means Total Expression of Thoughts.


Abhivyakti is an inter college literary festival organised by the students every year under the guidance of MIT, Pune. This Event has been one of the crown jewels of the institute's cultural, art and literary activities. Mere technical knowledge is not enough for the overall growth of the youth and a platform that would showcase the talents of students in various fields was needed. The remarkable skill of expressing yourself and convincing people of your innovative ideas is must. Hence was born Abhivyakti.

The event enters its 12th year in 2012 after completing 11 years of excellence in the field of art, literature, language and creativity. The event witnesses an average participation of over 1500 students and has been growing tremendously in the past few years. The event is not limited to only engineering colleges and hence students from Pune city and also from other highly coveted institutes of the state participate, thus bringing the competitiveness at par state level.

 Held every year in the month of September in the prestigious campus of MIT,Pune Abhivyakti aims to bring the entire student fraternity under the same roof where the young intellectuals can compete in various competitions   organised under the Abhivyakti umbrella.

This festival comprises of competitions of 'Painting', 'Debate', 'Extempore', 'Poetic Verse recitation',' Quiz', 'Movie Making',' One Act Play' in English as well as Marathi language.
These literary events bring out the expressions of the students and nurture their social and interactive skills.
Events such as 'Treasure hunt' and 'Snap hunt' not only make the participant to think and act quickly but also develop a feeling of competitiveness and physical endurance against time.
Students enjoy such high order riddle solving games and always learn something before they leave the campus which being the prime motto of the entire festival.

The event is organised, co-ordinated and arranged by students of MIT, Pune under the excellent guidance of its experienced faculty.
Organising the event nurtures the managerial and entrepreneur skills of the devoted and hard working student committee, which enjoys the aura of pride in being called the “Abhivyakti “ .

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